Help Sidney Spread Hope

Want to be a part of the “Unbelievably Amazing” story? You can be!! Your support will help spread the message of hope and the Gospel. There are always expenses to be covered, such as gas to travel to and from speaking engagements and book signings, the printing of more books, website cost, plus the cost of giving copies of the book to those in need who can’t afford to purchase. These gifts of the book are most of often given to people in drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, churches where there have been speaking engagements, and to those “on the street” literally without hope.

  • Monthly visits to four different drug and alcohol treatment centers
  • 2220 people a year hear the gospel at these treatment facilities
  • Books can be gifted to prison libraries, county jails allowing access to the Gospel through this “Unbelievably Amazing“ story.


  • $534 gives 100 books for treatment center libraries, prison libraries, and county jails
  • $500 provides travel expenses to share the Gospel of Christ
  • $250 provides books to those who can’t afford to buy but really want to draw closer to Christ
  • Any dollar amount helps to share the gospel of Christ